Digimon Adventure 2015: Sorato Hopes

So now that Sora and Yamato will no longer be regulated to being background characters (as in 02 when their romantic relationship took off), these are my Sorato hopes for the 2015 Digimon Adventure sequel:

  • I hope Sorato has more focus than in 02. Come on, Toei Animation, the two have been dating for three years when the new series opens up!
  • I want at least one super-fucking-awesome epic moment between Sora and Yamato. I need a major Sorato feels moment.
  • I would like Sora to interact with Natsuko and Hiroaki, with Yamato present as well. Please make this happen.
  • I also wouldn’t mind if Sora and Takeru are shown to be closer due to the fact that Sora and Yamato are dating. Maybe a scene with Yamato cooking dinner for Sora and Takeru?
  • Both Taichi and Mimi need to tease Sora and Yamato’s relationship at least once.
  • I need at least one reference to a Sorato date. This can be a date being interrupted or just an implied date where Yamato and Sora leave a Chosen Children group meeting with each other.
  • I’d like to see Kenyako hook up as set-up for the epilogue (of course). So … Sorato/Kenyako double date? Squee.
  • There has to be some Sorato hand-holding and/or arms-around-the-shoulders.
  • Long shot, but I’d like Yamato to kiss Sora on the cheek, please! Taichi and Takeru kissed Catherine, and Wallace kissed Miyako and Hikari, so … MAKE IT HAPPEN, TOEI.
  • I would be ridiculously happy if Sora and Yamato have subtle little moments where it’s obvious the two are a couple and care about each other a lot. Things like Yamato being a little protective of Sora in the Digital World, or Sora showing concern over Yamato’s safety — like wondering what’s taking him so long on some mission.

I am really looking forward to seeing Sora and Yamato — as main characters — interacting as a couple for, hopefully, 50+ episodes. Because you know what Toei Animation can’t do? Ignore Sorato completely — seeing as it’s the only established romantic relationship (before the 02 epilogue). You had an excuse last time with the two being secondary characters, Toei, but now you don’t! SORA AND YAMATO WILL BE ON THE SCREEN 70% OF THE TIME. I can’t wait.

So Sorato fandom: What are your Sorato hopes?


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My best friend thinks I love Taito more than Sorato.
It’s like she doesn’t even know me at all.

My best friend thinks I love Taito more than Sorato.

It’s like she doesn’t even know me at all.

The Sorato fandom will explode in spring 2015

The really awesome thing about the new 2015 series of Digimon Adventure is that it’s going to create a whole new generation of Sorato fans.

Millions of young Japanese schoolchildren will be introduced to Sorato as the staple couple in Digimon from episode one. Playgrounds will buzz with talk about how ridiculously cute Sora and Yamato are together and wow did you see when Sora saved Yamato last episode and didn’t it make your heart melt? Boys will think Yamato is cooler than cool and attempt to emulate him to get that cute girl in their class. Girls will pester their parents to purchase Sora and Yamato dolls so that they can play out their relationship.

Sorato will be their childhood.

Then their adult cousins will, in passing, be like: “Do you guys watch the new Digimon? We watched it back in the day when Sora and Taichi —”

"Hold up. What? It’s Sora and Yamato.”

"Well, now it is. It was in the second season, too. But before that, way back in the first season, most of us thought Taichi and Sora would —”

"No, that’s weird. Taichi’s with Rei. And Sora and Yamato are soulmates.”

This is seriously going to happen, guys. Prepare yourselves for the immense Sorato love hitting Japan in spring 2015. (♥‿♥)


From the Toei press release, rough translation:

"[Taichi] was an elementary school student in the first series, appeared as a middle school student in the second series, and in this new sequel animation the ‘children’ who have become high school students will be depicted."

That’s practically confirming 02 is canon for all intents and purposes, and this shouldn’t have even been a point of contention to begin with in my opinion. There you go.

Digimon Adventure 02 is still considered canon for the new 2015 series? Please, tell me more. Is Taichi the main protagonist?

crimsonkiss8 said: Oh man oh man. I thank you so much. Since you ask the creator questions, it made me realize just how much work has beeb put into the Digidestined. To think that he was able to get into character shows his skill. and then you analysis. WOW! Thank you

Thanks! It’s a little disconcerting when there are still people who genuinely don’t understand how much work went into the Chosen Children and their friendships and relationships. It was all about growth — and it’s a little frustrating when some people (both shippers and non-shippers) think the canon relationships in Digimon are merely “ships”. They’re not. They serve an important and greater purpose — to show growth of the characters involved. And people would realise this if they actually gave it some real thought.

Digimon creator speaks about Sorato and Taiora: behind the scenes of Digimon Adventure

triplet-vo said: NO sora and yamato are going to break up. it is known. angst and misery eeeeverywhere

Why did I not instantly think of this possibility as soon as the new series was announced to be set three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02? You’re right, of course! Admittedly, I’d have to let my imagination run totally wild and assume Toei Animation care so very little about their previous effort that they will have no problem fucking up part of its story — and the Chosen Children’s growth — just so they can discard an epilogue where Sora ended up with the wrong guy! It sounds so logical now that you’ve pointed it out. Thank you for enlightening me. I think the plot will resemble something like this:

  • Sora randomly breaks up with Yamato in episode one. Maybe he got a surprise first pimple and is now just a tad less pretty. Sora: “Relationships have a three-year expiry date, Yamato-kun. At least with gingers. Plus, Taichi’s a stud now — and he doesn’t have skin problems.”
  • Yamato pretty-cries for an entire episode. No one is surprised at his emo arse and Sora laughs at how pathetic Yamato is without her, as he spirals into depression.
  • Yamato turns on the entire group in his angst — again. But this time he has a legitimate reason: HE WAS DUMPED BY AN INDECISIVE HO.
  • Yamato teams up with NeverStaysDeadMyotismon and repeatedly attacks the other Chosen Children over the course of the series until, eventually, the Chosen Children win.
  • Yamato surrenders and gives some epic speech to Sora about how much he has always loved the consistency of her cakes, as he weeps in remorse.
  • Sora has no idea what Yamato is going on about, because she really purchased all his cakes from 200 yen discount stores and passed them off as her own cooking.
  • Sora tunes Yamato out as her vision settles on his prominent bulge, suddenly realising that what she really lost from their break-up was unfettered access to FRENCH DICK.
  • Sora cries as her thoughts flood with joyous dick memories and she attempts to get back together with Yamato by offering to bake him a penis-shaped cake.
  • Yamato is really touched — but then feels so ashamed for having turned on his one true soulmate, that he can’t handle her undeserved love and kills himself in disgust.
  • Sora shrugs and jumps into Taichi’s arms.

I can’t wait!


New Digimon Adventure series set when the original DigiDestined are in high school? More like 13 episodes of Matt and Sora falling deeper and deeper in love.

The most accurate prediction for the new 2015 series.

shadowneko003 said: Hi! I love how you are objective and detailed in your explanation of Taiora and Sorato and that it doesn't swing in the direction of a shipping war. I ship the other ship, but I like how you explained everything without inserting your opinion in the analysis, that your opinion was at the end, and that you acknowledged that everyone has their own preferences (that's why we have fanon). thanks for writing it! <3

I think you’re referring to Sorato and Taiora: original Japanese versus English dub? Wow, I wrote that a year ago! Thank you for your kind words — I mostly get inboxed by Sorato fans, so it was a nice surprise to receive a message from a Taiora fan. :)

If everyone had the same preferences in romantic relationships, the world would be a dull place. ;)


tarahm replied to your post “Hi! I love how you are objective and detailed in your explanation of Taiora and Sorato and that it doesn’t swing in the direction of a shipping war.”

I’m also a devout Taiora shipper but I can’t deny Sorato is canon, and I agree with shadowneko that you explained it very objectively. :) just thought you’d like to know other Taoira fans share this opinion too!

So nice of you. <3

mysticprima said: I am guessing you must be very excited about the production of New Adventure?! Even as a Taito fan (never gonna happen but OTP and all that), I still find your blog really enjoyable, informative and impossible not to like. I'm still trying to process the fact that Taichi, Yamato in particular, and the other chosen children are coming back. Now the focus is on Taichi again, I'm hoping they might explore the Sorato (and maybe Taiorato) thing a bit more. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for your kind words! Especially as I’m sure my opinions must’ve collided with yours on numerous occasions. ;)

I am extremely excited that the original Chosen Children — in particular Yamato, Taichi, Sora, Mimi, Koushirou and Jou — are coming back as the main protagonists! Simply on nostalgia alone, I’m going to love the new series. But I’m not really one to speculate, because I find that people just project their wishes, rather than think about what’s a logical progression for the series to take. But yes, as an established couple, I do think Sorato will be explored — to what extent, I’m not sure. I don’t, however, think that “Taiorato” will be touched upon at all.

I’m sure Sora and Taichi will continue to interact as best friends, but the “love triangle” has been done and dusted in Digimon Adventure 02. The series only wanted to touch on that as evasively as possible, leaving it towards the end, so they could then leave it the hell alone as quickly as possible (refer to episodes 38 and 48). It was basically, “Let’s fix Our War Game! and move on from it”. It’s a shounen series, after all, and unless it’s comical for Taichi to crush on his close friend’s girlfriend (of three years by the new series), I doubt it’s going to be shown or elaborated upon. That’s not comical, but would actually heavily jeopardise the friendship between the three … and in a series about friendship? Yeah, never going to happen.

I’m sure there will be lots of Taiorato friendship shown, though — but just strictly platonic. Although Taito was strictly platonic and it’s still highly shippable — so I’m sure fanon will still have a blast with whatever gets shown in the new series. :)